ALL Are Welcome at New Life
We are a thriving, growing, multi-generational church community that welcomes people from all walks of life and faith backgrounds. Our ministries support a variety of diverse life experiences, life transitions, and life challenges.

So what's an outdoor worship service like?

If you've never attended a worship service outdoors, think of it like going on a wonderful walk in nature but better. Everyone you meet along the way to the sanctuary is smiling. You can hear birds chirping, children laughing, and music is playing as our choir rehearses. 

You'll find picnic benches or chairs to sit on.  You may find a family dog looking for a pat on the head.  A baptismal font is held up by three cedar posts and a church bell on it's own posts is rung to let all know it's time to gather. 

Always, there will be someone under the entrance arbor to greet you and welcome you to our sacred space.   

We try to keep things as down to earth as possible; just like when Jesus preached to a crowd from a rock or the side of a stream. It's just you and your New Life friends, surrounded by nature, listening to scripture and the words Jesus left for us to ponder. 

We do have a weather policy.

What do people wear?

Come as you are! We are an outdoor church.

Is there communion every Sunday?  

We enjoy communion every Sunday and all are welcome. Our communion bread is gluten free. We each receive our bread and dip it in the wine or grape juice.  We practice an open table, which means children, visitors, seekers, and doubters can take communion, too. 

Are refreshments served? 

Refreshments are served after service and typically consist of light cakes or cookies, coffee, tea, and water.

What do children do during service? 

Children and their parents get to decide how involved they want to be in church service.

They can either be a part of service with their parent(s), go to the children's table close to the sanctuary area to do artwork, or they can go between worship and the children's table as needed.  Some climb a nearby tree and that's fine too!

During worship, there is a children's sermon where kids are invited to sit with Pastor Candice and experience Scripture in a way in which they can relate. After worship during the school year, children (from pre-school to Grade 5) are invited to Godly Play while the grownups attend an adult class.

Read more about Godly Play.    

Is there a restroom? 

We have a well-maintained, flushable porta pot near the parking area that includes a handwashing sink.