Christ calls us to be like children, and points to children as the way that we enter the Kingdom of God. At New Life, children are present and active and intentionally included. They are respected, listened to, and valued. 

Godly Play: Children 3 years thru 5th Grade 

We use Godly Play, a hands-on, Montessori-based approach that teaches Christian language and story to enhance children’s authentic experience of God.

We meet under a big oak tree in our Godly Play "classroom" after Sunday service.  Here we tell stories and encourage children to relate them to their personal experience.

Godly Play is concerned with the spiritual development of each child as an individual and as part of a Christian community. The vision of Godly Play is that children will know themselves as children of God and find meaning through the stories to guide them throughout their lives.  

Toddler Class

Our toddler class -- children under age 3 -- includes story time, songs, activities, and a snack.