Weather permitting, we worship outdoors year-round under the oaks. Please dress for your comfort.

Whenever the weather is cold (below 55°F) or rainy, we'll worship at Ranch Park, across the road from New Life. Ranch Park is directly across the street from New Life. Before you get to New Life, turn right on Event Center Drive. Then when you turn into the parking lot, drive around and park on the backside of the building, across from the playground. Enter in the door next to the air handler.

There will be a large temporary sign prominently placed on our usual entrance sign to New Life to let everyone know when we are at Ranch Park due to the weather.

So no guessing. Just come to service as usual and follow the directions accordingly.

Our Severe Weather Policy

By 8 a.m., using available forecasts and data, if severe weather and/or lightning is likely in the area during the time of service (with a 30 minute buffer on either side), the initial decision to delay, abbreviate, or cancel service should be made and posted on the website and Facebook page.

On days where an alternate venue that provides sufficient shelter is not available, if the significant weather is expected to be:

​Moving out of the area by 9:15 a.m. - Delay of service is an option. Any delay should be enough that thunder has not been heard for at least 30 minutes.

Moving into the area by 10:30 a.m. - Abbreviated service is an option. Service should be ended (and cleaned up) before the significant weather arrives (including lightning close enough for thunder to be heard).

Otherwise, cancellation of service is the best option.

​Since weather conditions can change, this initial decision is subject to change due to conditions.

In any case where service is held and there is a possibility of severe weather and/or lightning, an individual should be assigned to monitor conditions and initiate a plan change change if indicated by conditions.