Walk in Nature - Talk with God

Our 12 acres of land are a sanctuary for our congregation and our neighbors. It is also a sanctuary for native plants and animals as Dripping Springs grows.

Keeping it Natural Keeps it Sacred

How lovely it is to see an old farm trough being repurposed as an altar and adorned with steel art crafted by a church member (see photo on our homepage!).  There's also an outdoor Godly Play children's classroom where the large rocks serve as seating and more. 

Our picnic tables and benches are free to be used outside of worship time to meet a friend for lunch, to get away for quiet meditation, or to read a good book.     

We have a community garden by which we serve our community -- our produce goes to local food pantries. We honor the need for our environment to be free of trash so we have a quarterly Saturday clean up event along our adopted stretch of Highway 12.

An Outdoor Church Movement

New Life is a founding member of a group of churches marking a burgeoning outdoor worship movement: the Wild Church Network.

‚ÄčOur goal is to be a sanctuary for native plants and animals -- and all of us.

  • We have a prayer labyrinth that is always available for you to walk and pray.
  • We have a bird blind where you can sit and watch the many birds on the land.
  • Our walking trails include the Scriptural Stations of the Cross -- 14 walking stations with art, benches, etc.
  • There are picnic tables for lunches. 
The New Life land is open for you to come and feel close to God.

And since our land is a sacred space, we hope you will honor its purpose while you are visiting.

We want to be good stewards of the land as well as good neighbors. Loud noise, leaving trash, and camping are prohibited, but contemplative visits are encouraged during daylight hours.

If you would like to visit New Life for purposes other than contemplative, please follow our Land Use Policy.